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About Us

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Belton EDU at a parade with horse riders by the historic courthouse.


Belton Education Station is a NAEYC & TRS 4 Star accredited campus that serves a vibrant military town and avid football fans of the city. At our campus, we offer a secure and engaging learning environment that is customized to meet the unique needs and interests of each child. We place a strong emphasis on promoting social-emotional development and fostering inclusivity while working closely with families and communities to achieve educational milestones. Our caring and personalized approach ensures that every child receives the attention and support they need to thrive and develop a lifelong passion for learning. Since 1998, we have been an integral part of the Belton community and remain committed to providing exceptional education to the children in our care. We are dedicated to upholding our tradition of excellence and continuing to be a pillar of the Belton community.


Fractal Education Group is dedicated to providing early education that embodies our core values of promoting social-emotional development, inclusivity, and personalized learning. We believe in creating a safe, nurturing, and stimulating learning environment for every child, fostering growth and development. Our commitment is to tailor our educational approach to each child's unique needs and interests, emphasizing creativity, critical thinking, and a lifelong love of learning.

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Three joyful Belton EDU kids with diverse backgrounds smiling at a playground.


Belton Education Station provides a nurturing learning environment that fosters children's unique potential and promotes social and emotional development. Our program prepares students for academic success and empowers them to become confident, engaged individuals who positively contribute to society. We are committed to shaping the future leaders of tomorrow.


Belton Education Station prioritizes leadership and a positive learning environment to give children a strong foundation for success through early education, which leads to greater academic performance, social skills, and future learning.

Belton EDU staff member smiling with a happy toddler enjoying a snack outdoors.


Program Director

Meet Alana Harbes, our passionate Program Director at Belton Education Station. With 17 years of invaluable childcare experience and an Associate Degree in Education, Alana is dedicated to providing exceptional care and education for children in our community. As a mother of three and grandmother to five, she understands the importance of creating a nurturing and engaging atmosphere for children to thrive. Alana also spends her free time teaching the younger generation about farm and ranch life. With her extensive experience and unwavering dedication to quality care, Alana is an essential part of our team at Belton Education Station.



Education Director

Meet Sarah Shelton, our Education Director at Belton Education Station. Sarah is a Belton native who started her journey with BES as a teacher's aide in the 3-year-old class. With years of experience in early education, Sarah has completed several programs, including Texas School Ready, Texas Rising Star, and NAEYC. She holds a Certificate in Child Foundation and is pursuing an associate in child development degree. As a mother of two who has grown up in the BES community, Sarah is dedicated to providing quality education and care for all children.



Program Coordinator

Meet Victoria Newman, our dedicated Program Coordinator at Belton Education Station. With over twenty years of experience in early education and a passion for working with children that stems from her experience raising her own three kids, Victoria brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team. Having been with Belton Education Station for an impressive 18 years, Victoria is committed to providing a unique and enriching experience for our children, valuing their perspectives and insights. She has also completed several programs, including Texas School Ready, NAEYC, and Texas Rising Star, which have further honed her skills and expertise. Victoria is excited about the opportunity to help our program grow and make a real difference in children's lives. Her extensive experience in childcare, combined with her love for children, make her an essential part of our team, setting the standard for exceptional early education at Belton Education Station.

Belton EDU caregiver embracing children in a heartfelt group hug at the playground.

Join our team of educators at Belton Education Station and empower students to thrive. Our supportive, dynamic environment nurtures growth and cultivates success. Embrace creativity and innovation within our collaborative and inclusive culture as we shape the future of our community together. Explore a variety of career opportunities within our vibrant and supportive environment.


At Belton Education Station, diversity, inclusion, and innovation are not just values – they're integral to our mission of making a positive impact on children's lives. Submit your information today and become part of our team.


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